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How Cleanosaur Works


Registration Process

Sign up for Cleanosaur as a Customer or Join as a Pro to set up your profile, and have access to booking features, and management tools for making your home cleaner.


Request Process

Answer quick questions about what type of clean you are looking for and press confirm to instantly connect with a Cleanosaur Pro using our GPS tracking system. Use our chat technology to finalize request details.


Payment Process

Pay for the completion of your Cleanosaur Request safe, and securely through our App, or Online using your bank card.


Our Pros

All Cleanosaurs are experienced, fully equipped professionals who show up on time to complete your request.


Ratings and Reviews

All cleaners and customers will be able to provide a star rating, and written review to each other after a cleaning request is completed. Their profiles will show the percentage of their cleans accepted, cleans canceled, and current average rating. The customer will be able to provide a Tip $ to the cleaner for a great quality outcome, and experience.


Safety and Security

All of our cleaning professionals are friendly, provide a great human experience, practice our expected core behaviors, and ensure a great quality clean.

Connect to a Cleanosaur Pro

Sign up for Cleanosaur as a Customer or Join as a Pro to set up your profile so that you can use our GPS tracking system to send, or receive cleaning requests, engage ratings and reviews, and use our chat technology to hire the right cleaner for your home. All with the free Cleanosaur App.