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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleanosaur is a website and mobile application platform that connects a customer to a cleaning professional. A customer simply fills out their work order request for a local Cleanosaur Professional to accept. Then the customer can chat with the cleaner, track their progress, rate and review, and tip their cleaner.

Cleanosaur provides service to every single city in the United States. Simply download the mobile application for Cleanosaur or go to the website and register for free online for a cleaning service.

Please send your query to Cleanosaur using our message form. Or chat with our Live Agent on the HELP page. Our team of customer service experts will help satisfy all of your needs.

Cleanosaur connects you to a cleaning professional at the price that you confirm. Cleanosaur offers a unique payment platform where you choose the rooms of your home that you want a cleaning professional to clean, and pay only for that. So if you have a 3 bedroom home, but want 1 bedroom cleaned- then you can pay for only 1 bedroom. You can use our platform to build the perfect clean for your home and pay online via credit card.

Our cleaners are available between the hours of 24-7 at the click of a button. Cleaning bookings can be made anytime using our site, or mobile application, and we can provide a cleaner for any date and time for the service that you prefer to schedule.

Cleanosaur uses their platform to connect customers to only the best cleaning professional who is meticulous as possible with every space that they clean. If you feel that you are not fully satisfied with our cleaning, and then please let us know immediately. All of our Cleanosaurs follow our Core Behaviors of being accessible, available, reliable, mobile, and can provide utility to all of your cleaning requests.

All Cleanosaur cleaners are preferably local cleaning professionals, or services sourced through their registration to our platform. Please read our terms and conditions. All of your cleaners will provide the exact same level of hotel-quality cleaning each and every time they visit your property.

A Cleanosaur has the option to use their own supplies. It is our hope that they use premium cleaning products that work well to make your home cleaner. Please make sure to add a cleaning tool preference in the details of your Cleanosaur Request.

The customer should request whenever they need service by filling out the request form details. Then connect to a local Cleanosaur professional using our website or mobile applications. Both the online and mobile app platform will suggest a time of arrival, and our cleaning professionals will arrive at the time that you indicated in your request details.

Customers are able to add any additional requests for servicing your space in the booking request details process. We will do our best to accommodate any and all reasonable requests. At the end of every work order request there is a “request details,” box where you can explain the specifics of your clean. Also feel free to walk your home with your cleaner to provide specific insight on your clean details. The cleaner should be made aware of these items so that they can properly clean your home.

Our expectations for our team of Cleanosaurs are that the job is ALWAYS well done. We want to make sure that our team is expertly executing on their services regardless of being tipped. However if you wish to provide an extra bit of thanks- it is completely up to you, and is always appreciated. At the completion of your clean you will have the option to rate and review your cleaner, and to provide a tip. All financial transactions occur through our platform, and there is no exchange of cash or check for a clean.

Our Cleanosaur cleaning professionals will clean your space until the entire request details have been confirmed completed. The time will vary based on the request details. Our goal is to accomplish every cleaning request detail, and to confirm completion with the customer. The customer can review the request details online or in their app to ensure they are completed.

No, once you enter your request details then the customer clicks confirm- the request details are locked into the system, and sent out for a cleaning professional to accept the job, to clean your home, and confirm completion. However once at the job site, it is at your discretion to walk your cleaner through the request details to ensure that your needs are clearly communicated, and fulfilled.

We understand the people’s schedules change from time-to-time. Cleaning and other additional services can be canceled by hitting the cancel button online in your website dashboard, or by hitting the cancel button in your mobile application.

Cleanosaur is growing and we need smart, energetic people to help us build an incredible cleaning platform for our customers. If you are a Cleaner, and you are interested in working for a fast growing start-up, please download our Cleanosaur mobile app for I Phone and Android or go online to register to become a service provider. A customer can also become a cleaner by downloading the app link associated with your preference.

If you love us, we would love for you to spread the word! Share with your friends on our twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram pages. Thanks! Invite your friends from the mobile application from your phone contacts or from Facebook.

Cleanosaur wants to register professional cleaners who come from the local community. All Cleanosaur cleaners are registered based on their first and last name, address and phone number. All Cleanosaur cleaners are preferably local cleaning professionals or services or individuals with profile pictures, about me details like their email or phone contacts and who offer nice to meet you introduction videos.

We take the safety and security of our cleaning professionals and customers very seriously. We have put in place the opportunity to have profile pictures of all cleaners, phone, email, contact information. You can view the customer or cleaners profile so that you feel comfortable connecting to their person.

Connect to a Cleanosaur Pro

Sign up for Cleanosaur as a Customer or Join as a Pro to set up your profile so that you can use our GPS tracking system to send, or receive cleaning requests, engage ratings and reviews, and use our chat technology to hire the right cleaner for your home. All with the free Cleanosaur App.

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